Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Hawk NEST EGG?

The Red Hawk NEST EGG is a program aimed at 1) helping students prepare for their future, and 2) providing financial support for saving for postsecondary education (continued learning after high school graduation). Future preparation for continued learning after high school will be developed by on-going conversations with children, families, and the community; curriculum enhancements; parent and family workshops; and mentoring of all students throughout their school careers. The financial support involves a long-term savings account that can be used toward college, trade school, or certification program expenses.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, every full-time student attending Cass City Public Schools is automatically given a NEST EGG savings account—free! Each savings account will be opened at Thumb Bank & Trust with a $10 gift from the Cass City PROMISE. An additional $40 gifted by the Cass City PROMISE will be held at the Sanilac County Community Foundation and released for use when a CCHS graduate attends postsecondary education. Over time, the balance of the Thumb Bank & Trust savings account grows through private donations and various annual incentives (e.g., community service activities, etc.).

Do I own the account?

No. The Cass City PROMISE is the owner of the account, but the funds are held in trust for you when you need them for college, trade school, or continued learning after graduation.

Does my account earn interest?

Yes. Your account at Thumb Bank & Trust earns interest.

How is my interest paid to me?

Any interest earned will be credited to your NEST EGG account.

Is there a minimum balance to open the account?

No. The Cass City PROMISE will make your first $10 deposit.

What fees will be charged to my account?

Your account is not subject to balance or transaction fees.

May I or my family members make additional deposits?

Yes. Additional deposits are accepted at any time.

Are there limits on how much I may deposit?

No. There is not a limit.

How will I know what my balance is?

Inquire at Thumb Bank & Trust regarding your balance—the account is designated by the student’s grade, name, and address.

Do I or my parents have to claim the interest earned as income?

No. The account is set up under the tax ID of the Cass City PROMISE.

Are my deposits tax deductible?

No. Deposits are not tax deductible.

How do I make withdrawals from my account?

ALL students (CCPS students or those who have left/moved/transferred) may withdraw all funds personally contributed to their NEST EGG savings account upon high school graduation.  PROMISE-provided funds (e.g., initial deposit, incentives) may be released (to the postsecondary institution to be deposited into the student’s account) when a CCHS graduate participates in postsecondary learning. These funds are accessed via approval (by the Cass City PROMISE) of a graduate-submitted Red Hawk NEST EGG Release Form.

What if I graduate from college or complete trade school and still have funds left in my


Congratulations! We are pleased that your PROMISE NEST EGG funds helped to support your postsecondary education! All PROMISE-contributed funds remaining in NEST EGG accounts four years after graduation that have not been used for postsecondary education are disbursed to the PROMISE to support future CCPS students with postsecondary education preparation and attendance. Personally-contributed funds in the account may be withdrawn anytime between CCHS graduation and four years following graduation (Example: May 2024 graduation to June 1, 2028), at which time the account is closed with remaining funds disbursed to the PROMISE.

What if I join the military before college?

Firstly—thank you for your service! Secondly, please contact the Cass City PROMISE so arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs.

What if I move?

If you move, your account will remain in place in case you return to CCPS and graduate from CCHS. If you do not graduate from CCHS, your account will be closed on June 1 of your graduating year and the PROMISE-contributed funds will be returned to the PROMISE to be used for future CCPS students. If you have personally-contributed funds in your account, you may withdraw those funds upon your graduation or up to four years after graduation (Example: If you graduate in May 2024, you may withdraw any personally-contributed funds from June 1, 2024 to June 1, 2028).

Who should I thank for this savings account?

Please thank Thumb Bank & Trust, Cass City Public Schools, Sanilac County Community Foundation, current and former community members, Cass City High School alumni, local businesses, civic organizations, and foundations who generously donate and support this program on an on-going basis. They want you to know that they believe that you are important and that your future matters! 

August 2023