Red Hawk Nest Egg

Planning and Saving for the Future

The Red Hawk NEST EGG is a program enhancing postsecondary culture and financial support by

1.) implementing activities to increase child and family goal-setting, career planning, and financial capabilities; and

2.) providing each student attending the Cass City Public Schools with a long-term savings account that can be used toward college or trade school expenses.

Planning for the Future

The NEST EGG develops a postsecondary culture by focusing on goal-setting, career planning, and financial strategies. These outcomes will be achieved through

  • on-going postsecondary conversations with children, families, and community;

  • K-12 curriculum enhancements ;

  • parent and family workshops;

  • mentoring of elementary students by high school students and of high school students by community alumni of colleges/trade schools they plan to attend; and understanding and responding to the unique needs of individual families.

Saving for the Future

The NEST EGG assists with postsecondary financial support by providing a long-term savings account for every Cass City Public Schools student and working to “make saving a habit.” During the 2020-2021 school year, savings accounts will be opened (unless opted out by the family) for all current kindergarten through twelfth grade students. After 2020-2021, each kindergarten student will be given a savings account.

Each savings account is opened with a $50 deposit from Cass City PROMISE at Thumb Bank and Trust. Each account is deposit only until students graduate from Cass City High School.

A Children’s Savings Account (CSA) is More than Just the Money

  • Children with just $500 or less saved for college are 3 times more likely to go to college and 4 times more likely to graduate than those without savings.

  • CSAs improve childhood development and academic performance.

  • Parents and children with early savings have greater college expectations.

  • CSAs increase a child’s future financial capability.

*SOURCE: CFED Fact Sheet 2016